Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Verdict.

There he is all the way to the left! i'm gonna have to go with Jay Cutler! he seems like a stand up dude, plus i think hes drinking whiskey. i'll give big ben close second, but from what i heard about sexual assault yada, yada, and that he was drinking patron hes out. sooo good luck to the chi town bears, or daaa bears!!!!!


New York Jets- Mark Sanchez- besides playing football Mark Sanchez likes to model. you figured the guy would like to party. apperently he doesn't. and just cause i live in the tri-state area does not mean i'll root for jets. i caught that sale on vidal sassoon. get it? i caught it, like a pass.
Pittsburg Steelers- Ben Roesthlisberger- OHHHHH BOYYYYY! even though it looks to be patron tequila and not any type of whiskey we'll let him pass. first off lets give him credit for the t-shirt. DRINK LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY. that's just awesome! secondly hes got like three women and hes pouring tequila down ones throat. news flash, a lot of tequila makes girls take off their clothes, so go write that one down. supposedly this guy is a bad dude and makes grimy advances on women. i don't know? seems he just likes to party.


alright! so here we go, the great NFL playoffs. this year i decided to to pick a team for the Superbowl a totally different way. since my team sucks and didn't even make the playoffs(dallas cowboys) i gotta at least root for a team to win the Superbowl. so the way i'm gonna go about picking my team, is by which teams quarterback can party the hardest. here weeee goo... think i'll do nfc first...

Chicago Bears- Jay Cutler- WELL LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE! i think Jay Cutler is "that guy", you know the guy who always gets too fucked up at the party. but, thats cool because he really doesn't care what you think. damn, this guy could be a good friend of mine.

Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers- I don't really have much to say about this guy. He's got the right idea, but he totally drops the ball by not having a drink himself and looking totally sober. get it? drops the ball.